Public Golf

Golf for all

Testing Golf on a public course


Public Golf at GOLF absolute represents golf for all just for testing, as event with your family and friends or simply with your colleagues.

Almost every golf course of GOLF absolute has in addition to the obligatory training facilities also a public short golf course. Just put on your sports shoes, rent your clubs, buy your golf balls, pay your greenfee and you can play there all day long.

Just take a look, also for watching we kindly invite you.

Free of charge: The usage of the Driving Range, practice greens and practice hazards is free of charge at any of our golf courses. Please consider our public golf course daily greenfee bonus voucher.

Public short courses / Prices per person and day

Golf courseMo. – Fr.Weekend & Public HolidaysLeihschläger
Golfpark Trages (5-holes)10,– €15,– €10,– €
Golfpark Bachgrund (9-holes)20,– €25,– €10,– €
Kiawah Golfpark Riedstadt (4-holes)20,– €25,– €10,– €
Golfresort Gernsheim (9-holes)10,– €15,– €10,– €
Golfpark Biblis-Wattenheim (9-holes)20,– €25,– €10,– €
Golfclub Mannheim (9-holes)20,– €25,– €10,– €
Golfgarten Deutsche Weinstraße (6-holes)15,– €20,– €10,– €
Golfanlage Landgut Dreihof (9-holes)20,– €25,– €10,– €
Golfpark Karlsruhe (6-holes)20,– €25,– €10,– €
Wendelinus Golfpark St. Wendel (9-holes)20,– €25,– €10,– €

Prices incl. VAT
Pupils, apprentices and students up to their 27th birthday get 50% discount on the greenfees.

GOLF absolute Kurzplatz-Bonusheft

Play 6 – Pay only 5

If you buy a daily greenfee for our public short golf courses we will mark the corresponding stamp field.

If 5 complete stamp fields are marked within 12 months since date of issue of the public golf course daily greenfee bonus voucher we kindly invite you to play your sixth daily greenfee free of charge.

The public golf course greenfee bonus voucher is only valid for you as a single person and not transferable to others.

For further information please request every golf club office.

  • 20 Driving Range golf balls are available for only 2 Euro.
  • The golf instructor respectively his group lessons will help you to get familiar to the golf sports.
  • Also at our golf courses without a public short golf course you can rent golf clubs for a fee for your free practice at the Driving Range.