at our golf courses

Awareness of your promotion

Our innovative and trademark protected concept of Rotationsgolf® generates a high frequency and a regional mix of golfers at our golf courses.

Because of optimal capacity utilization at our golf courses your promotion is in the focus of awareness at any time.

Electronic Logo Targets are an innovative target on the driving range

Logo Target

Innovative because an acoustic and visual signal gives direct feedback on the accuracy of the golf stroke.

The impact surface of the weatherproof target with battery operation is provided with the logo of an advertiser and stands at an angle of approx. 50° to the ground. Thus, the logo and impact surface are optimally visible and have a high attention factor.

Billboards are an eye-catcher at every hole


Billboards provide valuable information of each hole for any golfer regarding distance, difficulty and hazards irrelevant to their individual level of play.

Thus, your recurring promotion at many billboards as possible is a „must see“ to every golfer.

Coloured targets at the Driving Range are highly challenging

Before and after the golf round or just for training issues: The Driving Range is key for every golfer, no matter which level of play.

Target Green

Target Green

Appealing coloured targets, so called “Target Greens“, for example designed with your logo and claim ensure awareness, recognition and emotional loyalty to your company. That’s for sure: The golfer prefers to hit the golf ball strictly on target, also at the Driving Range. Simply the same as at a real golf course.

We will compile individual promotion packages for you according to your demands. Please feel free to contact us.