Public Golf

Public Golf

Put on your sport shoes , rent your golf clubs – golf for everyone!

Testing Golf

Testing Golf

Alongside with professional golf instructors from the beginning.

Starting Golf

Starting Golf

Our customized offerings will raise long lasting enthusiasm.



11 golf courses with outstanding quality and 312 holes.

»Pay one, play more«

Rotationsgolf® – on 11 golf courses

As an official member in one of our golf courses you can play every golf course without additional costs. Your annual membership with monthly fees entitles you to use 312 golf holes.


4 star business- and golf hotel HOTEL absolute

Discover all aspects of well-being within HOTEL absolute. Hotel guests and members of GOLF absolute have unlimited access to the wellness area incl. sauna world, fitness studio and indoor pool.

More informations

Golf is not only a sports. Experience GOLF absolute!

Fascination Golf

Discover your recreative leisure times with a sporty touch. Golf combines well-being, nature experience, physical and mental vitality, personal contacts with like-minded people and of course pleasure within a sporty life-style. In short: Golf represents joy and quality of life at the same time. And there a quite a few reasons for this enthusiasm…

Golf at GOLF absolute …

is public and could be experienced every day

A very warm welcome at GOLF absolute. All GOLF absolute golf courses, the restaurants and golf shops are opened for the public. Test it by yourself and come in.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

offers activity and relaxation within nature

According to our motto „Play golf – discover nature“ our 11 golf courses are synonymous for experience of nature for ten times. Body, mind, and soul are equally addressed. Thus, whatever the weather and in all seasons of the year.

Golfer protect the environment. Golf and nature have never been a contradiction nor the golfer and the natur lover. Experience the local plant and animal life and watch habitats of any kind. The greenkeeper of GOLF absolute, responsible for care and maintenance of our golf courses are the professionals with the often-mentioned „green thumb“.

gives health and keeps you in shape

Physical activity is elixir of life. A banality. Golf belongs to the sports with moderate physical activity. 18 holes of golf means speedy activity for approx. 10 kilometers by foot.

Sports physicians have already proved, that within the golf swing more than 120 muscles are in the move and have to be coordinated. Golf promotes flexibility, strength and concentration, and in regular play even the endurance. In a nutshell well-being as a whole. Thus, at all ages, also by use as a recreational sports only.

you can start to play at any age

Every age is an ideal one to start with golf. Please take a closer look at our golf courses. Golfers of all ages are playing together. Therefore golf is predestined to unite all generations. It´s your decision which level of golf you would like to play. Everything is achievable.

Our golf academy will assist you in achieving your golfing objectives.

unites families, the generations and all levels of play equally

The grandpa with the grandchild. The mother and the son-in-law. Or simply with friends or new acquaintances, who will become friends afterwards? Golf, whether alone, in pairs, in a three- or foursome and perhaps in a GOLF absolute tournament?

Here too: The decision is yours. The handicap-system guarantees, that young and old, beginner, advanced or experienced player will have comparable winning chances within golf tournaments.

Too much of theory? No problem, we will happily explain it to you.

means inspiring technology and accuracy

A golf ball that has been hit accurately and even placed right on target, create feelings of happiness and makes you looking for continuous repetitions. Definitely not so easy at all. Please ask a GOLF absolute member. Such an experience will compensate for quite a few mis-hits.

Your golf instructor will advice you regarding your choice of equipment to keep the fascination of golf long lasting. Every golf shop at our golf courses has respective offers on stock or promptly procures the demanded equipment.

is a meeting platform of like-minded people

Golf at GOLF absolute is a sociable sports

Our golf courses and public restaurants provide a platform for getting in touch, start a conversation and meet again. On the golf course and off the golf course. Thus, in various german federal states as our answer for „understanding between people”. That applies for beginners, advanced and experienced golfer equally.

is the starting trigger for new and interesting holiday destinations

Touristic partnerships of GOLF absolute offer touristic added value in attractive golf destinations abroad. Here too: It always looks a bit better to play golf at GOLF absolute.

Only at GOLF absolute


GOLF absolute provides you with the game of golf at some of the finest golf courses in a 5 star respectively 5 star superior segment (highest golf course ranking of BVGA). What is Rotationsgolf?

5 star classification (BVGA)

All of our golf courses are awarded with 5 stars (BVGA), the golf parks Bachgrund, Biblis-Wattenheim, Karlsruhe Gut Batzenhof, the golf resort Gernsheim, the Golfanlage Landgut Dreihof and Wendelinus golf park even with 5 stars superior.

All-year event calendar

At GOLF absolute happenings and offerings are part of the day-to-day business. For beginners, advanced and experienced golfers at the same time. In theory and practice, indoor and outdoor. We offer the platform and you will benefit.

Fitness studios

Qualified personal trainer offer you their services. The use of our 7 fitness studios in the golf resort Gernsheim, the golfparks Trages, Bachgrund, Kiawah, Biblis-Wattenheim, Karlsruhe and in the golf course Landgut Dreihof is already included in the membership fee.


The Golfparks Bachgrund and Karlsruhe as well as the golf resort Gernsheim have a Finnish sauna with steam bath and a spacious outdoor area. The golf resort Gernsheim offers an additional salt / sole sauna and an ice fountain. All exclusive and free for GOLF absolute members.


Of course, there are teams of all ages on our golf courses, which represent the golf club at team competitions regionally sporty. This promotes the team spirit, the feeling of belonging, the sociability and the identification of all members with the home golf club alike. Our club secretariats are happy to inform you.

Additional advantages of GOLF absolute

Monthly payments

The GOLF absolute membership means: No single annual fee in the beginning of a year, just monthly payments with a convienent direct debit service. This is synonymous with fairness and transparency for you.

Flexible tee-times booking

We start the play in 10-minute intervals. You can book your tee-times seven days a week online, via phone or on-site. Just the way you prefer.

Public Golf

Public Golf ist our approach for families, friends and everyone who would like to test the fascination of golf on a short golf course with holes up to 140 m length.


The golf trainings are customized towards the individual demands of the trainees. The golf instructors teaching is based on didactical and methodical state-of-the-art principles to ensure best possible golfing success.

Touristic added values

Entirely in line with: “It is much more better to be a member of GOLF absolute“ we have arranged appealing packages for your golfing vacations with our touristic partners.

Club journal »FORE«

Four times a year our GOLF-absolute-Clubjournal »FORE« with interesting reports, tournament coverages, background stories or interviews specialized for our various golf courses and for GOLF absolute in general is published.

Events for beginners

Tester and beginners are our primary concern. Specially created we offer specific event formats at every golf course. Beginner tournaments at our public courses or the popular „Tiger & Rabbit Tournaments“ guarantee the pre-accession assistance into the game of golf in an appropriate and fun-oriented way together with like-minded people.

Public restaurants

After a walk at our golf courses you would like to visit one of our cosy restaurants? You are looking for a suitable ambience for your private celebration? Or a department of your company is planning an unique excursion? If so, a very warm welcome. At every golf course a performance-driven restaurant is located. The experienced restaurant staff appreciates to advise you in organising your event with or without golf with professional knowledge. Further information is available at our golf courses.

Pro shops

„Short distances“, is our slogan again. At every golf course a well sorted and fully equipped golf shop is located. The shop provides you with newest equipment, trendy golf fashion and matching accessories. Please, step in. A visit is worthwile anyway.

Service-oriented golf offices

Our staff in the golf offices are at your constant service. At 364 days a year, from the morning until the evening. We permanently train and educate our staff. We always are looking to improve performance every day a bit better. Please convince yourself.


Several times a year our GOLF absolute Newsletter is published in irregular intervals. We would like to inform you with upcoming golf tournaments, culinary highlights, special offers of the golf shops and so on.