Golf courses for groups

Learning golf in a group

The group event

The management teams of our golf courses offer the most suitable package to your group in any case. No matter, if your group consists of 10, 20 or more participants. The only thing needed by the participants themselves are comfortable sports shoes, a positive mood and much fun.

We offer golf clubs for rent, Driving Range golf balls and of course golf instructors with a professional, methodical and didactic up-to-date knowhow for teaching you the basics of golf. Including prompt success. That´s for sure.

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Calculation basis

1 golf instructor should supervise a maximum of 10 participants to ensure fun in the group and optimal learning success.

Therefore, the following basis of calculation applies, with one lesson lasting 50 minutes:

Costs for preparation and follow-up
Flat rate: 30 € &times golf instructor

Costs for golf lessons
Teaching units (TU) × 75 € × golf instructor

Cost of golf equipment (rental clubs & practice balls)
Number of participants × 15 €

Price example 1

9 participants, duration: approx. 2.5 hours

Flat rate for preparation and post-processing30,– €30,– €
Golf equipment for 9 participants9 × 15,– €135,– €
3 lessons à 50 min. with 1 golf instructor3 × 75,– €225,– €
Total390,– €

Prices incl. VAT

Price example 2

27 participants, duration: approx. 3,5 hours

Flat rate for preparation and post-processing3 × 30,– €90,– €
Golf equipment for 27 participants27 × 15,– €405,– €
4 lessons of 50 min. each with 3 golf instructors4 × 75,– € × 3900,– €
Total1.395,– €

Prices incl. VAT

For booking please contact your preferred golf course. Thank you.

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