About GOLF absolute

The System Rotationsgolf®

»Pay one, play more«

GOLF absolute offers to play the game of golf on some of the most beautiful golf courses with 5 star respectively 5 star superior awarding (highest rating of BVGA). Thus, with a single membership in only one of our golf courses.

A single membership enables you in accessing the full range of various golf courses including the related services (Club journal »FORE«, tee times, tournaments, fitness studios, wellness areas, travel deals etc.) just the way you would like to.

The golfers enjoy – in a rotating manner – every golf course, wherever, whenever and however they prefer. Thus, 12 month a year, of course according to the weather conditions.

Innovative system is officially accepted

The concept Rotationsgolf® intends an innovative and sustainable range of golf courses and their entire services. Every golf club member is playing due to the house-made system „Rotationsgolf®“.

Behind the word creation Rotationsgolf® the entrepreneurial vision of providing additional impacts for the image and the development of the game of golf in the geographical area of Rhein-Main-Neckar-Saar is obvious.

The term „Rotationsgolf®“ is officially accepted.

Play golf – experience nature

GOLF absolute places great importance upon the natural look and feel associated with top-quality designed and maintained areas of play and elements.

Our system offers the pleasure to discover nature on various golf courses for the whole family. Landscape architects and the entire team of GOLF absolute strive every day to improve the golf courses and the therefore related experience of nature. “Very successfully”, out of the customers point of view.