Dogs are welcome

Our rules for taking a dog with you on your round of golf

Dogs on our golf courses – allowed on a leash and therefore welcome

Crucial to a perfect round of golf with your dog and possibly other golfers without a dog, it is necessary for you as a dog owner to adhere to a few rules when taking your dog with you.

Our rules for taking a dog with you on a round of golf

1. When booking your tee time, it has to be clearly communicated that your dog will accompany the flight. This means that as soon as you decide taking your dog on a round of golf, you have to register this by phone, in person or via our Nexxchange online booking software. It is not permitted to book into flights in which the dog preference is not specified. (Instructions for booking a tee time online with a dog can be found within the next section).

2. Within a flight with other golfers without a dog, mutual consideration and appreciation is a question of etiquette. It is therefore a basic requirement that the dog you are carrying can be kept safely on a leash and follows common commands. Please keep in mind: Only one dog is allowed per golfer. TIP: It is hardly practical to keep a dog on a leash by your hand the entire time. Most dog owners therefore attach the leash to either the golf trolley or the e-car.

3. Taking your dog with you on the golf course is not a replacement for walking. You as a dog owner are responsible for your dog and have to take care for its small and large business in advance. Anyway: If it happens that the dog litters the golf course, it is strictly binding to carry appropriate “walking bags” with you for cleaning the mess immediately and comprehensively. As a special service we also provide appropriate bags in dispensers in case you forget your own ones or just run out.

4. It is not permitted to be accompanied by dogs during a tournament / competition unless it is a separate part of the tournament / competition announcement.

5. Dogs are allowed to be kept on a leash in the clubhouse, within the restaurant and on the terrace.

6. In the case of legitimated complaints regarding the behavior of the dog being carried, the dog owner can be asked to end the round immediately or to remove the dog soon. This also applies to the clubhouse and the restaurant incl. terrace. By bringing a dog with you, the dog owner assumes unlimited liability for any damage the dog causes to people, animals and materials on and off the golf course.

Online tee time booking with your dog

Bringing a dog with you must be stated in the tee time booking so that there is no doubt to other players that a dog is being carried within the flight.

As soon as you have decided for an available tee time, you have to choose the option “dog in flight” in the “rental items” selection.
with dog

Within the timetable, a dog sign now appears behind your own name and in the booked flight. This signals to other players that a dog will accompanying this flight on the round.

Online tee time booking with the preference “Dog not wanted”

The same applies in this case. As soon as you have decided for a free tee time, you can choose the option “dog not wanted” in the “rental items”.
no dog

A “red dog sign” now appears in the timetable behind the name and in the booked flight. This signals to other players that there is a golfer in this flight who prefers not to play with a dog.

If you make a reservation by phone or in person, the relevant information will also be stored in the booked tee time.

Basically, the following booking rule applies:

Whoever entered his or her preference first within the booking has the priority!