Dogs welcome

Our rules for taking a dog on our golf courses

Dogs on our golf courses – allowed on a leash

GOLF absolute is pleased to welcome you with your dog to our therefore selected golf courses. Key for an enjoyable round of golf with your dog and perhaps other golfers without a dog is to follow just a few rules (according to our rules of ownership of the golf course) when having your dog with you.

On the listed golf courses or parts thereof dogs on a leash are allowed:

  • Golfpark Trages
  • Golfpark Bachgrund (only on „Happy Luck“)
  • Kiawah Golfpark Riedstadt
  • Golfresort Gernsheim (only on „Lufthansa Course“)
  • Golfpark Biblis-Wattenheim (only on „C-Course“)
  • Golfgarten Deutsche Weinstraße
  • Golfanlage Landgut Dreihof
  • Golfpark Karlsruhe Gut Batzenhof (only on „Modern Course“)
  • Wendelinus Golfpark St. Wendel (only on „A-Course“)

Our rules for taking a dog on our golf courses

1. As soon as you would like to play golf with your dog, telephone or online 
registration is strictly required. Our management teams have to know at 
 any time that you would like to play golf accompanied by your dog. Of 
 course, your flight partners will be informed by us, so that they can decide 
 whether they would like to play with you or not.

2. In your flight with golfers without a dog, mutual understanding and appreciation is decisive. Even if it is hard to imagine for you as a dog owner: It is obvious, that there are golfers who would like to play the game without dogs. This wish is primarily respected by our management teams and has to be respected by you as well. TIP: Smaller and lighter dogs (up to 5 kilos) can also be taken along in the e-car (in the basket behind the seats). Do not forget a blanket.

3. The dog (of course, only one dog per golfer) has to be lead safely on a leash and needs to follow the common dog squads. If you take your club out of the bag, the dog needs to sit down and waits patiently for your next commands. TIP: It is hard for you as a golfer to handle your dog on a leash by hand all the time. Therefore you can fix the leash either to the golf trolley or the e-car.

4. Taking the dog on the golf course does not mean “going for a walk”. In the unlucky event of a dog waste please use your dog waste 
 bag immediately. If you should have forgotten the bags, our management teams provide you with waste bags in a dispenser on the course. If you have any further questions, please ask our management teams.

5. Dogs are not allowed in golfing tournaments at our golf courses at all.

6. In the club house, in the restaurant and on the terrace dogs are allowed on a leash.

7. Regarding justified complaints concerning your dog, we will request to 
 leave immediately (also applies to the club house, restaurant incl. terrace). By taking your dog on and off the golf course, you accept full responsibility 
 and liability for any kind of injuries and damages regarding people, animals 
 and facilities on and off the golf course caused by your dog.