The golf taster

an ideal Incentive-Event

Fun & a great experience for friends, colleagues or your customers

Your participants bring in a lot of good humour and sporty clothes, the rest is ours!

No matter, if you will join our golf courses with 10, 20 or more participants, if your event will last 2, 3 or 4 hours or even the whole day long. It is irrelevant, if you are planning a company excursion, a departmental trip or an outdoor program with your family and friends. Just tell us your expectations, we deliver the appropriate framework.

The golf taster is perfectly suitable as an outdoor activity within your conference or workshop on site at our golf courses. We provide you with fully equipped conference rooms in our facilities or restaurants.

Our golf instructors will create fun, entertainment and learning success on top. We support you with golf clubs and golf balls for practice issues. The catering will be delivered by our performance-driven restaurants.

Adjusted individually as you desire.

Calculation basis

1 golf instructor should supervise a maximum of 10 participants to ensure fun in the group and optimal learning success.

Therefore, the following basis of calculation applies, with one lesson lasting 50 minutes:

Costs for preparation and follow-up
Flat rate: 30 € &times golf instructor

Costs for golf lessons
Teaching units (TU) × 75 € × golf instructor

Cost of golf equipment (rental clubs & practice balls)
Number of participants × 15 €

Price example 1

9 participants, duration: approx. 2.5 hours

Flat rate for preparation and post-processing30,– €30,– €
Golf equipment for 9 participants9 × 15,– €135,– €
3 lessons à 50 min. with 1 golf instructor3 × 75,– €225,– €
Total390,– €

Prices incl. VAT

Price example 2

27 participants, duration: approx. 3,5 hours

Flat rate for preparation and post-processing3 × 30,– €90,– €
Golf equipment for 27 participants27 × 15,– €405,– €
4 lessons of 50 min. each with 3 golf instructors4 × 75,– € × 3900,– €
Total1.395,– €

Prices incl. VAT

For booking please contact your preferred golf course. Thank you.

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