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Pestana Golf Resorts

Pestana Golf Resorts

GC Soufflenheim Baden-Baden

GC Soufflenheim

Schlossparkklinik Dirmstein

Golfing as part of the therapeutic concept in the golf course Deutsche Weinstraße

During a stay at the Schlossparkklinik Dirmstein, patients have the opportunity to play golf at the Golfgarten Deutsche Weinstraße in the immediate vicinity of Koeth-Wanscheid’s castle.

Regular exercise in the fresh air has a positive effect on the mood and physical fitness. Golf is a gentle endurance sport that helps to reduce the stress hormone cortisol. The focus is on golfing on their own, which not only promotes co-ordination but also increases cognitive perception. These factors can help to control psychosomatic therapy, to control stress and other burdens and to reduce them in a targeted way.

Patients have the opportunity to continue maintaining a new hobby and an active “mindfulness exercise” even after leaving the clinic. Accompanied by a sports therapist, it is possible for golf beginners to take the GOLF absolute “Platzreife” during the period of their therapeutic stay in the Schlossparkklinik.

Further information on the holistic treatment concept of the private clinic for psychosomatic medicine, psychiatry and psychotherapy can be found on the website of the Schlossparkklinik Dirmstein.