Fitness center

Exclusively for members

The fitness area at Kiawah Golf Park is located in opposite the club secretariat and has a separate entrance. On more than 150m², fitness enthusiasts will find every opportunity to build, improve and optimize their golf-specific fitness and fitness in general.

The gym is equipped by the market leader Life Fitness and can be used all year round, even in the evening.

Fitness instructors

You can contact our certified fitness instructor for further informations:

Instructions60,– €
Personal Training, UE 30 minutes
Personal Training, UE 50 minutes
Personal Training, UE 60 minutes
36,– €
54,– €
60,– €
Personal Training, 5 Card (UE 60 minutes)
Personal Training, 10 Card (UE 60 minutes)
270,– €
540,– €
Prices incl. VAT

Saied Hariri