Sauna- & Fitness area

Exclusively for GOLF absolute members

The sauna and fitness area in the Golfpark Karlsruhe is usable for GOLF absolute members only. Thus you can prepare perfectly with like-minded people during winter times and relax in the golfing season after the sport.

In the sauna area, a Finnish sauna (90° C) and a steam sauna is waiting for visitors. In addition, the spa area is equipped with a heated bench including foot bath. Of course, there are the obligatory shower area and beach chairs (indoor & outdoor) available. Towels are an additional service in the locker rooms, the gym and the sauna.

You can determine by yourself

The sauna is equipped with a timer and can be activated by pressing a button (running time 2 hours / warming-up time approx. 45 min). Each time the button is pressed, the timer starts again for 2 hours. The steam sauna can be switched on directly.

Please feel free to contact the management staff if you don´t have time to preheat the sauna.

The sauna is opened daily from 10.00 am – 10.00 pm.‎


  • Monday: Mixed
  • Tuesday: Ladies day
  • Wednesday: Mens day
  • Thursday: Mixed
  • Friday – Sunday: Mixed
  • Public holidays: Mixed

Fitness trainer

Physical fitness as the basis for good golf

Carmen Lenk is available to all GOLF absolute members as fitness and personal trainer with advice and support. This applies equally to sporting and health goals as well as, for example, mental relaxation and nutritional advice.

For questions and information, the trainers are available by e-mail or telephone:

Course offer Carmen LenkPrice
Equipment instruction, UE 30 minutes
Equipment instruction, UE 60 minutes
35,– €
60,– €
Personal training with individual training planning, UE 60 minutes
Group of 2, UE 60 minutes
Group of 3, UE 60 minutes
Group of 4, UE 60 minutes
75,– €
43,– € p. P.
35,– € p. P.
25,– € p. P.
Personal Training, 5 ticket individual training with training planning
Personal Training, 10 ticket individual training with training planning
340,– €
650,– €
Course offer Luba ScheurerPrice
Equipment instruction, 15 minutes
Equipment instruction, UE 60 minutes
0,– €
60,– €
Creation of a training plan (60 minutes)
Personal training, individual training, UE 60 minutes
Group training, UE 60 minutes
55,– €
60,– €
25,– € p. P.
Personal Training, 10 ticket, single training, UE 60 minutes550,– €

Prices incl. VAT

Carmen Lenk