We answer the most frequently questions, so that you are well informed.

Our FAQs regarding tee time booking

Tee times ensure smoothly running of the game.

How can I book a tee time?

8 days in advance, starting at 7.30 p.m., tee times can be booked on site, by phone or via our online booking software Nexxchange.

Direct access for bookings of tee times, events & tournaments as well as training sessions is also possible via our online booking app:

A short and informative video with a detailed description of the most important items can be found HERE.

How can I register for a tournament?

The registration lists for tournaments are posted at the information board of the respective golf club and are listed also in our online booking software in the “tournaments tab”. Usually you can register 4 weeks in advance. If the “register” button” is still not running, your chosen tournament is not yet ready for online registration within the 4 weeks period.

Tournament overview in all GOLF absolute golf clubs:

Tournament overview per golf club:

Do I have to cancel my tee time if I can't play?

Yes, of course you have to. Why? Cancelling your tee time just in time ensures that the tee time is usable by others. You will receive a “no show notice” in case of not cancelling including a written warning. If you repeat a second time, you automatically will be blocked from online booking and have to contact the management team of your golf club to remove the blocking.

By the way: The “spirit of the game” & “fair play” are principles in the game of golf. Therefore, also golf etiquette strictly requires cancellation of your tee time in case of non-use.

Do I have to register again at the golf office before tee off?

Yes, because the management team has to know that you are on site.

Can I book friends into my flight?

Yes, it is possible. The easiest way is to network with your friends in the online booking. Therefore, please select “Account Settings / Friends”. Then it is possible to invite friends via email and add them to your friends list. If your friends confirm your invitation email, they will immediately be listed in your friends list.

You can find a step-by-step explanatory video HERE. The subject how to „invite friends“ is, apart from other features, well explained.

How long in advance I can book a tee time?

Tee times can be booked 8 days in advance starting at 7:30 p.m.

There are tee times which cannot be booked online. Why?

The majority of tee times can be booked online, but three tee times every two hours are blocked for golf groups. Only a “tour operator” has access to online bookings within the blocked tee times. If the pre-reserved tee times are not used, you will get access the evening before starting at 7.30 p.m. for your booking.

How to become a “tour operator” and which duties are associated with this function can be read in the FAQ “What options are there for local golf groups to book tee times together?”.

In addition, tee times for upcoming tournaments or maintenance can be blocked. The corresponding latest news can be seen in the daily information of the respective club. It is shown above the tee times (marked with an “i-button” for information purpose).

Which options are available for local groups to book consecutive tee times?

Local golf groups of 6 and more golfers have the option to name a team leader, the so-called “tour operator” to coordinate the entire group. Therefore, the tour operator is allowed to book more than just one flight and he is also able to book consecutive tee times blocked for groups within the online booking. These tee times are blocked every two hours for the tour operator to ensure that larger golf groups can play consecutively.

The tour operator rights can be requested at the management team of your club for a one-time fee of 50 €. To set up these rights, the first & last name, email address, mobile phone number of the tour operator as well as the groups name including the names of group members are required. The tour operator has to consider a few rules & obligations which have to be confirmed in writing.

In case of a phone or personal booking of tee times, the tour operator can submit the group’s list of golfers, the chosen golf course and the desired date to the management team of his home golf club. The management team takes care of further coordination.

Is it possible for travelers or travel groups to book tee times long term in advance?

Yes, it is. Travelers and travel groups with hotel accommodation have the option to book tee times long term in advance in order to organize their trip or to ensure getting a tee time during their stay. Therefore, the hotel booking confirmation has to be shown.

Our FAQs regarding booking software

Our online booking software Nexxchange enables its users to organize golfing regardless opening hours of the respective club office. Thus, tee times & participation in tournaments can be booked and your customer account can be managed.

Why are some players' names not visible in the online booking?

The reason why is because common privacy and data protection policies allow every user to decide whether her or his name is publicly listed or not. The data protection settings in the online booking software can be seen and changed in the path: “Settings / Data protection / Visibility of your own name in the tee time calendar”.

The setting “only me” is pre-selected here, so that only you can see your name and also will be displayed to other users as an “anonymous player”.
If you choose the “every logged-in user” option, your name will be visible to others. Also, you can create a nickname in the tab “nickname”.
You can find a step-by-step explanatory video HERE. There the relevant „data protection settings“ are in addition with other features well explained.

How can I top up my customer account within the online booking software?

The “customer account top-up” is visible under the path: “Settings / Customer account / View customer account / Top-up customer account”.

The credit stored here can be used for e.g.

  • operating the ball machines
  • booking of e-cars & other rental items
  • tournament registration fee &
  • green fee payments

The pre-requisite for topping up credit is to enter your credit card details in your profile. (An explanation can be found in the FAQ “How can I store my credit card in the online booking software?”). Credit card payment is the only payment accepted online.

Alternatively, cash or EC-card payment can be made in the golf office and credited to the customer account.

How can I store my credit card in the online booking software?

This step has to be carried out once via the website. It is not possible to enter credit card details via the app. In the path: “Settings / Customer account / View customer account / Top up customer account” you will find the option to store the credit card details. To do so, you scroll through the credit top-up process to the item, where the payment method must be selected.

As soon as the item “Top-up your customer account” is selected, you can decide for the chosen credit & confirm your choice with the “continue” button. Now the payment method “credit card” can be selected. Because of no credit card is stored within the profile yet, the “add a card” button appears. By choosing this button, the credit card details can be entered and stored now.

A step-by-step explanatory video regarding to “Depositing credit card details” and other items is available HERE.

Our FAQs of recruiting new members and inviting friends

Become a GOLF absolute brand ambassador and we reward your effort.

As a GOLF absolute member: Are there any benefits, if I would like to invite my friends from another club to play?

GOLF absolute is offering its members to give away 2 green fees twice a year for a friendship rate. This means, that 2 friends receive a discount of 50 % of the normal greenfee. The promotion can be redeemed at our club offices.

Is there a benefit for me when I recruit a new member?

Yes, of course. For every new member the recruiting GOLF absolute member receives once a credit referring to the first monthly membership fee of the recruited new member. Our greenfee guests are rewarded too for recruiting a new member and will receive a green fee voucher.

Amount of credit for:

  • a single member: 195 €
  • a partner member: 180 €
  • Schoolers, students, trainees: 
Up to the 21st birthday: 45 €. 
Up to the 27th birthday: 90 €

Terms & conditions:

  • Recruiting oneself or mutual recruiting is excluded.
  • Every new member can only be recruited by one person.
  • Members change within the GOLF absolute clubs are not considered as newly recruited members.
  • Members who have left GOLF absolute are not considered as newly recruited members when they rejoin.
  • The recruiter has to be known by name when the new member signs the membership contract.

Is it possible for my not golfing friends to test golf without any obligation?

Yes, it is. Our short courses are accessible to the public and can be played by a daily green fee even without a “valid course permission” or golf membership. We have rental club sets available for golf beginners.

Also, we would like to invite your friends to the GOLF absolute Members & Friends Days. In these events you can introduce playing golf to them by having an awesome day of golfing together. Every GOLF absolute club offers these fun & entertainment events twice a year.

Timetable of our Members & Friends Days

  • 10 a.m. Welcome drink
  • 10:30 a.m. Teeing off, chipping, putting
  • 11:30 a.m. Scorecard for the golf round (incl. snack)
  • Noon: Tee off for a “Scramble” (9 holes)
  • 3:30 p.m. Get together & award ceremony (incl. catering)

Our monthly afterwork session “Range it” at City Golf Club Mannheim Rheingoldhalle also targeting golf beginners to start golf without any obligation. For 15 € interested beginners will get unlimited range balls, a drink and a “Bratwurst”, rental clubs, tips from the golf professional and relaxing beats.

Can my (grand-)children join youth training?

Of course, they can. Kids & youth members of GOLF absolute receive a weekly training during the season for free. By the way: We offer children memberships starting at 15 € per month.

Prices & Services:

  • Child membership up to their 14th birthday: 15 € per month including GOLF absolute training areas & short courses)
  • Youth membership up to 21th birthday: 45 € per month with access to GOLF absolute training areas / public short courses & on top our long courses).

Our FAQs regarding fitness & wellness offers

GOLF absolute pursues a holistic approach towards sports, fun & recreation.

For me as a greenfee player: Are the GOLF absolute fitness studios and wellness areas accessible to me?

Unfortunately not. Our fitness studios & wellness areas are only accessible for GOLF absolute members (and of course hotel guests for the duration of their stay). For using all additional services of the GOLF absolute clubs apart from golfing, we cordially invite you to join the GOLF absolute family.

For me as a GOLF absolute member: Can I use the fitness & wellness areas of all GOLF absolute clubs for free?

Yes, the fitness & wellness areas are available to our members exclusively. With the GOLF absolute membership card, our members have unlimited access to all fitness studios & wellness areas.

Additional services such as training sessions with a fitness instructor or massage treatment have to be booked and payed separately.

Are there age restrictions for using the fitness studio?

GOLF absolute allows members aged 16 and above to independently use the fitness studio.

Children under 16 years old are only permitted to use the fitness studio under parental supervision.

Furthermore, children under 14 years old are not allowed to be in the equipment area of the fitness studio to prevent injuries.

Is it allowed to take towels, provided in the locker rooms, fitness studios and wellness areas on the golf course or even at home?

No, definitely not. Towels are the property of GOLF absolute and therefore only for use within the locker rooms, fitness studios and wellness areas.

Do the saunas run all day long or just for determine usage hours I have to adhere?

Sustainability is key for us. Therefore, our saunas do not run continuously, but can be switched on on-demand via our management and the restaurant teams.

Overview of the sauna opening hours:

  • Both, Gernsheim & Wendelinus Golf Resorts have fixed sauna opening hours due to the affiliated hotels:
    • Gernsheim Golf Resort: daily 3:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m
      Wendelinus Golf Resort: Monday – Friday: 3 p.m. – 10 p.m. 
Saturday & Sunday: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.
    • The Karlsruhe Golf Park has no fixed sauna times, e.g. the sauna can be switched on on-demand. The sauna area is accessible from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. The sauna is equipped with a timer and have to be switched on with a button “push” (running time: 3 hours / warm-up phase approximately 45 minutes). Each time you press the button, the sauna will continue for 2 hours. The steam sauna can be switched on directly. You are welcome to announce your visit in advance by phone to the management or the restaurant team, so that both can take care of the pre-heating. This ensures that you can use the sauna soon.
    • The Bachgrund Golf Park also has no fixed sauna times. However, the sauna can only be switched on by the management team on site. To do so, you should contact the golf office during office opening hours as well and the restaurant team outside of opening hours. The sauna is accessible from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Once activated, the sauna runs for 3 hours and has a warm-up phase of approximately 45 minutes.

Our FAQs to answer all other questions

In this category we have listed the most frequently questions towards our processes within all GOLF absolute golf clubs.

After signing the contract: When do I receive my GOLF absolute membership card?

After signing the contract, it takes approximately 10 – 12 days after applying, until your membership card will be issued by German Golf Federation. In the meantime you will receive a transition card for a deposit of 10 €.

Which functions are integrated in my GOLF absolute membership card?

  • Your membership card entitles you to use all GOLF absolute facilities including the additional fitness & wellness areas. Our locking system for the fitness studios and wellness areas can be opened with your membership card.
  • The membership card can be used (after topping-up with credit) as a means of payment for driving range balls, e-cars and tournament fees (how to load credit onto your card can be seen in the FAQ “How can I top up my customer account in the online booking software”).
  • The membership card serves also as a “golf ID card”. All relevant data such as your golf club, handicap, etc. are stored. The “ID card” is used to proof your golf membership when you play at other golf clubs for green fee.

How can I get driving range balls?

Our driving ranges are equipped with ball machines.

  • Guests can get range balls by inserting a coin or using our guest card.
  • Members receive range balls for special member rates with their GOLF absolute membership card. As a pre-requisite they have to top-up their customer account. A customer account can be topped-up either on site at the golf office or via our Nexxchange booking software (instructions can be found at FAQ “How can I top-up my customer account in the online booking software?”).

Are there opening hours of the golf offices to which I have to adhere to?

There are seasonal opening hours of the golf offices:

  • Summer (April – September), 8 a.m. to 7 p.m
  • Spring & Fall (March & October), 8 a.m. to 6 p.m
  • Winter (November – February), 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m

There are opening hours of the golf restaurants:

  • In general, the golf restaurants have opened 7 days a week from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. However, opening times may vary in individual cases depending to the restaurant operator. The opening hours can be seen here.

There are opening hours of the pro shops:

  • Generally, they have opened daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. However, opening hours may vary depending on the shop in individual cases. The exact opening hours can be viewed here.

The golf courses and training areas are opened permanently. Our driving ranges are floodlighted, so you can train golf till 8 p.m. even after dawn.

How can I inform myself about the current golf course conditions or the local weather at one of our golf courses?

On our homepage you can get an overview of the local weather conditions by our weather cameras. You can also find up-to-date information in the daily news ticker.

Are there any hidden costs?

Definitely not. As a GOLF absolute member you can play all 11 courses without any hidden costs. Additionally, you have free access to all integrated services within GOLF absolute, such as fitness, wellness, swimming pool and outdoor swimming ponds.

Can I play golf all year round?

Yes, this is possible. Our golf clubs are opened all year round. Winter greens are only intended when there is frost on the ground. However, our public short courses can be played all year round on summer greens.

Winter greens are a replacement for summer greens to protect the green. Mostly, they are located on the way to the next tee, in the fore green or in front of the summer green on the fairway. This means, that winter greens change the familiar fairway a bit.

Winter greens differ from summer greens by:

  • The size. As a rule, they have an average size of 150 – 300 square meters and are therefore smaller than summer greens.
  • Their cutting height. This is around 8 – 12 millimeters and therefore differs from summer greens.

Can I bring my dog with me for playing golf?

Yes, dogs are allowed on all GOLF absolute courses. Crucial for a relaxing golf round with your dog and other golfers without a dog is to follow a few rules by the dog owner.

Our rules for taking a dog with you on a round of golf

1. When booking a tee time, it has to be communicated that a dog will be carried on in the flight. This means, that as soon as you would like to be accompanied by your dog, you have to register by phone, on side or via our Nexxchange online booking software. It is not permitted to book into flights in which the dog preference is not specified (Instructions for booking a start time online with a dog can be found in the next section).

2. In a flight with other golfers with no dog, mutual consideration is a question of etiquette. It is therefore a basic requirement, that the dog can be kept safely on a leash and follows common commands. One dog is allowed per golfer. TIP: It is not practical to keep a dog on a leash by hand the entire time. Most dog owners therefore attach the leash either to the golf trolley or the e-car.

3. Taking your dog with you on the course is not a “substitute for walking”. The dog should have already taken care of his “kleinen und großen Geschäfte” in advance. If it happens, that your dog litters the course, it is strictly recommended to carry appropriate “walking bags” with you in order to clean up the mess immediately. We also provide bags in dispensers in case your own run out or are simply forgotten.

4. Accompanied by dogs during a tournament is not allowed unless it is specifically announced by the local management team.

5. Dogs may be kept on a leash in the clubhouse, in the restaurant and on the terrace.

6. If there are legitimate complaints regarding the behavior of the dog being carried, the dog owner can be asked to end the play immediately or to remove the dog (this also applies to the clubhouse and the restaurant). Being accompanied by a dog, the dog owner is responsible and assumes unlimited liability for any harms the dog causes to people, other animals and materials on and off the golf course.

Online tee time booking with your dog

  • Bringing a dog has to be stated in the tee time booking, so that it is obvious to other players, that a dog is being carried in the flight.
  • As soon as you have decided for a tee time, you can select the option “dog in flight” in the “rental items” selection.
  • A dog symbol now appears in the timetable behind your own name and in the booked flight, which signals to other players, that a dog will be taken on the course.

Online tee time booking with the preference “Dog not wanted”

  • Here too, as soon as you have decided for a tee time, you can select the option “dog not wanted” in the “rental items” selection.
  • A red dog symbol now appears behind the name in the time table and in the booked flight, which signals to other players that there is a golfer in this “flight”, who prefers not to play with a dog.
  • If you make a reservation by phone or in person, the relevant information will also be stored in the booked tee time.

The booking rule applies:

First come, first serve! Whoever has registered his or her preference in the booking first is priorized.

Are there any discounted membership models, if I want to play only one golf course or don´t want to use the fitness & wellness areas?

No, it is important to us to treat all members equally & therefore not to establish a “two-class membership”. We are offering to every member the same services.

Is there a dress code at GOLF absolute?

No, it is important to us, that you feel comfortable and your individuality is not restricted. Therefore, we do not prescribe a fixed dress code. In return, there are a few minimum requirements and clothing recommendations, especially for tournaments: a poloshirt and golf trousers or a golf skirt are always welcome.

What else could be important? Golf shoes have to be cleaned before entering the clubhouse. Golf bags, clubs and trolleys have to be placed not inside the clubhouse only in front of it, so that they do not cause an obstruction. The operator assumes no liability for clothing and any objects in of caddie boxes and wardrobes. Any items found should be handed to the management teams. They will deposit the lost property in a suitable place.

Are there any member discounts for overnight stays in the GOLF absolute resorts Gernsheim or Wendelinus?

Yes, there are. GOLF absolute members have a special rate for overnight stays in the associated golf hotels, HOTEL absolute in the Gernsheim golf resort & Angel´s in the Wendelinus golf resort. By direct booking you will receive a 10% discount.

Why do I have to pay additional green fee being a “Fernmitglied” member or VcG member?

The maintenance of golf courses requires a lot of resources, for example manpower in greenkeeping, technical equipment, investments in natural products such as stones, grit, soil, new planting of flowers, trees, bushes and at least HR-costs of the management team on site.

Golfers, who have a so called “Fernmitgliedschaft” or VcG-membership do not contribute sufficiently to the above mentioned spendings by the operator. This is the reason why a higher green fee to cover all costs is necessary.