Fitness center

Exclusiv for GOLF absolute members

The 200 square meters fitness center is designated ‘for members only’ at our golf park Biblis-Wattenheim. So, e.g. during winter times you can perfectly train yourself for the upcoming golf season with like-minded people.

The fitness machines are produced by the market leader Lifefitness and enable whole body training just like in a full-flegded fitness center.

Fitness instructors

You can contact our certified fitness instructors for further informations:

Instructions60,– €
Personal Training, UE 30 minutes
Personal Training, UE 50 minutes
Personal Training, UE 60 minutes
36,– €
54,– €
60,– €
Personal Training, 5 Card (UE 60 minutes)
Personal Training, 10 Card (UE 60 minutes)
270,– €
540,– €
Prices incl. VAT

Daniel Rzepka

Saied Hariri